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Table 2 Associations between HCWs’ knowledge and their intentions to vaccinate in cross-sectional studies

From: Are healthcare workers’ intentions to vaccinate related to their knowledge, beliefs and attitudes? a systematic review

Authors Setting Study population/response rate Determinant (knowledge) Intention to vaccinate Measure of association Adjustments
Taylor et al. (2002) [21] USA 112/? pediatricians Knowledge in vaccine contraindications Increase of record linked vaccine coverage per each contraindication less stated At 8 months 2B,1C,3E
2.0% (95% CI 0.3-3.7) p < 0.05
At 19 months
2.6% (95% CI 1.1 - 4.7) p < 0.05
Petousis-Harris et al. (2005) [28] New Zealand 150/89,3% family practice nurses Knowledge in vaccine contraindications Report of vaccination coverage Significantly greater rate of correct responses in those reporting high coverage (>95) than in those reporting low coverage (<70%). p < 0.05 None
Goodyear-Smith et al. (2009) [32] New Zealand 106/58% general practitioners Knowledge in vaccine contraindications Record linked vaccine coverage Results shown by region and practice governance: 1A, 2B, 1C, 1D
Auckland: Maori with right response, median coverage (MC) 30%. Maori with missed response, no practice with these characteristics. Non-Maori right, MC 71%, Non-Maori missed, MC 64%.
Midland: Maori right, MC 58%. Maori missed, MC 56%. Non-Maori right, MC 78%. Non-Maori missed, MC 73%.
      After multivariate analysis, the knowledge remained associated with the coverage (p < 0.05).