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Table 2 Multiplicity of infection and msp-2 genetic diversity in Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Congolese children attending CSI Intendance (Brazzaville) and Ndaka Sossou (Pointe Noire) health facilities

From: Malaria burden and case management in the Republic of Congo: limited use and application of rapid diagnostic tests results

Health facility MOI Nb 3D7 fragments (range size band in bp) Nb FC27 fragments (range size band in bp) Mean parasite density (range)p/μl
Brazzaville 1.6 5 (240–480) 6 (360–460) 87,480 (4000–108800)
Pointe-Noire 1.8 13 (300–500) 9 (400–540) 2862 (438–8368)
  1. Nb of fragments = number of PCR fragments using 3D7 or FC27 allele-specific primers.
  2. Mean parasite density = parasite densities of children under five were considered.