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Table 3 Associations of socio-demographic factors with urinary cotinine levels ≥ LOQ a (1 μg/l) in Israeli nonsmoking adults (n = 144), multi-variable log-binomial regression model, Israel human biomonitoring study, 2011

From: Exposure to tobacco smoke based on urinary cotinine levels among Israeli smoking and nonsmoking adults: a cross-sectional analysis of the first Israeli human biomonitoring study

Parameter p-value PR (95% CI)
Males vs. Females 0.032 1.30 (1.02; 1.64)
Age, in years (per one additional year) 0.020 0.99 (0.98; 1.00)
Lower education vs. higher education 0.031 1.58 (1.04; 2.38)
  1. aCI, Confidence interval; LOQ, Limit of quantification; PR, Prevalence ratio.