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Table 1 The three main typologies used in the ‘Regime approach’

From: Understanding the role of welfare state characteristics for health and inequalities – an analytical review

Author Main elements Welfare regime typologies
Esping-Andersen [19] - Decommodification Liberal Conservative Social democratic  
- Social stratification Australia Finland Austria  
- Private-public mix Canada France Belgium  
  Ireland Germany Denmark  
New Zealand Italy The Netherlands  
UK Japan Norway  
USA Switzerland Sweden  
Ferrera [18] - Coverage Anglo-Saxon Bismarckian Scandinavian Southern
- Replacement rates Ireland Austria Denmark Italy
- Poverty rates UK Belgium Finland Greece
   France Norway Portugal
  Germany Sweden Spain
  The Netherlands   
Huber and colleagues [20, 21] - Prevailing political tradition Liberal Christian democratic Social democratic Wage-earners
  Canada Austria Denmark Australia
Ireland Belgium Finland New Zealand
UK Germany Norway  
US France Sweden  
  The Netherlands