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Table 3 Respondent explanations for not testing their private water supplies at a frequency that met or exceeded provincial recommendations, Newfoundland & Labrador, 2007 (n = 339; multiple explanations per respondent permitted)

From: Investigating public perceptions and knowledge translation priorities to improve water safety for residents with private water supplies: a cross-sectional study in Newfoundland and Labrador

Explanation Frequency # (%)
No noticeable changes to water, looks and smells normal, trust it* 93 (27.4)
No problems noted in general* 41 (12.1)
Inconvenient to drop off a sample for testing 33 (9.7)
There is no need to test the water that frequently* 30 (8.8)
Inconvenient to pick up sample bottle 25 (7.4)
Lack of information on testing 20 (5.9)
Previous test results were normal* 17 (5.0)
Don’t drink water from the private water source 15 (4.4)
Inconvenient (in general)* 14 (4.1)
No particular reason* 14 (4.1)
Forget or procrastinate* 8 (2.4)
No health problems among household members noted* 6 (1.8)
Others nearby test their water and results normal, so no need* 5 (1.5)
Use a water treatment system* 5 (1.5)
Misinformed about recommended testing frequency* 3 (0.9)
Plan to test soon* 3 (0.9)
Cost* 2 (0.6)
Other** 5 (1.5)
  1. *Initially coded as “other” in closed-ended question; re-categorized based on responses to a follow-up open-ended question.
  2. **Verbatim other responses include:
  3. I was getting the same answer that the water wasn’t suitable for drinking.
  4. We tried to get it tested but the Government wouldn’t do it.
  5. I just moved in.
  6. Afraid they might say it’s not safe to drink.
  7. Inaccurate test results in the past make you question the reliability of the testing.