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Table 1 Profiles of parks for recruiting OFE users

From: Outdoor fitness equipment in parks: a qualitative study from older adults’ perceptions

  Dongning Park Xihu Park
Park size (acres) 5.40 0.84
Locations East District Central-west District
Neighborhood population1 100,226 40,180
Rate of poverty2 1.21 2.55
Number of adults >65 yrs 17,600 11,280
% of older population (>65 yrs) 17.60 28.10
  1. Data source: Tainan City Government Website (
  2. Note:
  3. 1Neighborhood population refers to the total population in each district.
  4. 2The percentage of low income households (number of low income households in each district divided by the total number of low income households in the city represents the rate of poverty). The city’s average percentage was 1.48% in 2011.