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Table 5 NVS UK questions and correct responses

From: Development and validation of a measure of health literacy in the UK: the newest vital sign

Question Correct response
1. How many calories (kcal) will you eat if you eat the whole container? 1,000 KCAL or 1,000 CALORIES
2. If you are advised to eat no more than 60 grams of carbohydrate for dessert, what is the maximum amount of ice cream you could have? Two servings (or anything up to 2 servings) OR Half the container (or any amount up to half the container) OR 200 ml (or any amount up to 200 ml).
3. Imagine that your doctor advises you to reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet. You usually have 42 g of saturated fat each day, some of which comes from one serving of ice cream. If you stop eating ice cream, how many grams of saturated fat would you be eating each day? 33 g
4. If you usually eat 2500 calories each day, what percentage of your daily calorie (kcal) intake will you get if you eat one serving of ice cream? 1/10 (one tenth) OR 10%
Imagine that you are allergic to the following substances: penicillin, peanuts, latex gloves, and bee stings.  
5. Is it safe for you to eat this ice cream? No
If ‘No’ to Q5:  
6. Why not? Because it contains peanut oil/peanuts/nuts OR Because you might have an allergic reaction
ASK IF answer to Q6 is ‘Because you might have an allergic reaction’:  
7. Why would you have an allergic reaction? Because it contains peanut oil/peanuts/nuts