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Table 2 Area of interest/expertise of Delphi expert panel 1

From: Development and validation of a measure of health literacy in the UK: the newest vital sign

nursing 2
dietetics 4
nutritionist 1
public health 13
health (other please state)2 9
literacy language and numeracy 5
education practitioner / teacher 4
health literacy 20
research 13
food and drink industry 1
Other non-health (please specify)2 8
  1. 1 Participants could identify more than one area of expertise or interest.
  2. 2 Other (1 unless otherwise stated).
  3. Vocational and independent living rehabilitation, Quality improvement & use and collection of patient stories, Health Psychology, Pharmacy (2), Health promotion, Health policy, Medical anthropology, Health systems, Lay perspectives, Patient involvement and public engagement.