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Table 1 Variable name, description and prevalence of variables examined in the GSHS study of Philippine school students (2011)

From: Alcohol marketing and drunkenness among students in the Philippines: findings from the nationally representative Global School-based Student Health Survey

Variable name Variable description N = 5290 Wtd.%
Current alcohol use Students who had at least one drink containing alcohol on one or more days during the past 30 days. 23.3%
Drunkenness Students who drank so much alcohol that they were really drunk one or more times during their life 20.7%
Bullying victimization Students who were bullied on one or more days in the past 30 days 47.6%
No friends Students who have no close friends 3.6%
Missed school Students who missed classes or school without permission on one or more days during the past 30 days 33.8%
Drug use Students who have ever used drugs such as marijuana, shabu, ecstasy, or rugby 4.9%
Alcohol marketing   
  Public ads Students who went to sports events, fairs, concerts and who most of the time or always saw ads for alcohol 10.0%
  Actors Students who watched actors drinking alcohol on television, videos, or movies. 27.7%
  Brand name Students who watched sports events or other programs on TV during the past 30 days, and who most of the time or always saw alcohol brand names 25.5%
  Billboards Students who have seen a lot of advertisements for alcohol on billboards in the past 30 days. 24.4%
  Newspapers/magazines Students who saw a lot of ads or promotions for alcohol in newspapers or magazines during the past 30 days 16.9%
  Own brand logo item Students who have a t-shirt, pen, backpack, or other item, with an alcohol brand logo on it 14.7%
  Offered free alcohol Students who were ever offered a free drink of alcohol by an alcohol company representative. 10.2%