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Table 2 Mock-up SMS texts for women and men

From: Exploring the use of mobile phone technology for the enhancement of the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV program in Nyanza, Kenya: a qualitative study

PMTCT Theme Women’s SMS Mock-up Men’s SMS Mock-up
ANC attendance and facility-based births For your good health and that of your unborn baby, attend ANC early and complete all appointments as advised by your health care provider. Always put money aside for hospital delivery. Pregnancy is a man’s gift. Love your family, and accompany your spouse to the clinic during and after pregnancy. You will be an outstanding example.
Early infant diagnosis Your baby’s first clinic appointment at 6 weeks is coming soon. Your baby will receive an important test. Try not to forget! If your baby has already been tested, have you received the results? Your baby’s first clinic appointment is at 6 weeks. Book the date with your spouse. Your baby will receive an important test. You will also receive information to keep him/her healthy and strong. Try not to forget!
Retention, adherence, and loss-to-follow-up Don’t stop taking your medicines and giving the baby his/hers. Go to the clinic if you are about to run out of medicines. Skipping doses makes medicines less effective over time. Stay connected with your provider! Show others what good health is. Support your spouse in attending all her appointments during pregnancy and after birth. Don’t let her skip any important medications. She will be glad for your support. You will have a healthy mother and healthy baby!
Exclusive breastfeeding Give your baby only the very best, your breast milk ONLY and no other foods or liquids for the first 6 months. Be strong against pressure. This will make your baby healthy and strong. Go to the clinic if you are having trouble with feeding. As a new father, be sure your baby receives the very best. Encourage your spouse to breastfeed exclusively with no other foods or liquids. Exclusive breastfeeding will make your baby healthier. Everyone will notice his/her charm! If there are problems, visit the clinic for advice.
Family planning Talk openly with your spouse to plan for your next birth. Use a modern family planning method that is suitable to both of you. Seek advice from the health care provider. Be a smart guy. Talk openly with your spouse about planning for your next birth. Use a condom, and support your spouse to use any other modern family planning method.
Partner involvement Make a birth plan with your spouse. Encourage him to take the test with you. Always ask him to accompany you to the ANC clinic. A health care provider will be pleased to talk to you both. Family health starts with you. Know your status and keep yourself healthy. Talk with your spouse too. Your partner’s status is not always the same as yours. Together, you can support each other.