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Table 2 Test of interaction of stress covariates with perceived stress (PS) by age and ethnicity, p-value and degrees of freedom

From: What stresses men? predictors of perceived stress in a population-based multi-ethnic cross sectional cohort

   HA: Three-Way Interactions* Two-Way Interactions* +Main Effects with Factor Main Effects Only with Factor
+ Two-Way Interactions*
+ Main Effects with Factor
   Ho: Main Effects Only with Factor Main Effects Only with Factor Main Effects Only without Factor
Category Factor Levels    
Confounders Overall Health Excellent, Good, Fair/Poor -- -- p<0.0001, df=2
  Education in years < 12, 12, > 12 -- -- p<0.0001, df=2
  Household Proverty as% of Poverty Threshold > = 150%, 100 = < 150%, < 100% -- -- p<0.0001, df=2
Financial Security Medically Uninsured (past yr) Yes, No p=0.0002, df=17 p<0.0001, df=11 p<0.0001, df=1
  Missed a Meal due to Cost (past year) Yes, No p<0.0001, df=16 p=0.0002, df=11 p<0.0001, df=1
  Did not Fill a Prescription due to Cost (past year) Yes, No p=0.343, df=17 p=0.244, df=11 p<0.0001, df=1
Health Status Living with a Chronic Condition Yes, No p=0.058, df=17 p=0.023, df=11 p<0.0001, df=1
  Ever Diagnosed with a Mental Health Condition Yes, No p=0.364, df=17 p=0.190, df=11 p<0.0001, df=1
  Overnight in Hospital (past year) Yes, No p=0.020, df=17 p=0.052, df=11 p<0.0001, df=1
Social Factors Subject to Physical Violence (past year) Yes, No p=0.503, df=16 p=0.378, df=11 p<0.0001, df=1
  Live Alone Yes, No p=0.517, df=17 p=0.337, df=11 p=0.668, df=1
  Firearms in Home Yes, No p=0.582, df=16 p=0.300, df=11 p=0.047, df=1
Health Behaviors Exercise more than 3x per Week (past month) Yes, No p=0.130, df=17 p=0.202, df=11 p=0.905, df=1
  Smoker Never, Current, Former p=0.054, df=27 p=0.130, df=16 p=0.896, df=2
  1. *Three-way interaction: factor by age by Ethnicity; Two-way interactions: factor by age, factor by Ethnicity, age by Ethnicity.
  2. Hispanic-Oldest age (65+) subgroup was dropped from the model because only “No High PS” outcome was observed.