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Table 2 Classification scheme for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube content

From: Social media use by community-based organizations conducting health promotion: a content analysis

Category of content Definition
Fundraising Content that serves as a solicitation, e.g. advertising merchandise, soliciting donations, or selling tickets to a fundraising event.
Health education/news Educational information or news articles on a range of health topics, e.g. health tips, policy decisions that relate to health, and scientific findings.
Human interest Content that tells a personal story about a given health topic or public health initiative.
Material for professionals Content that is targeted at health professionals, including job postings and professional development.
Miscellaneous Content which does not fit into any of the other categories.
Non-informational Content that is meant to maintain connections, but serves no informational, promotional, or persuasive purpose, e.g. holiday greetings or inspirational quotes.
Organization promotion Content that advertises or builds the image of the organization sponsoring the account. e.g. organization-specific news, event/program updates, service offerings, and summaries of past events.
Cross-promotion Content that advertises or builds the image of another organization, e.g. news or events.