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Table 3 Summary of study themes

From: The H1N1 pandemic: media frames, stigmatization and coping

  Themes Examples
Primary appraisals   
Stressful What are we in for? “I don’t know what I would do if anyone in my family got sick”
   “Even the young and normally healthy people are getting sick”
Secondary appraisals   
Positive (“meet the challenge”) Plans and Precautions “Taking precautions against viruses… is just part of my routine”
Neutral It’s not so bad “I never get the flu, so I really wasn’t concerned”
Negative (“threatening”) Nobody Knows” “I don’t think anyone has a full understanding of this flu”
  It’s In The Air “H1N1 is in the air. If you’re exposed to it, you will get it”
  Isolation “We’re isolated in my neighborhood/We don’t know, or help, each other”
Coping strategies   
No Stereotype Discussed   
Positive-engaged Too Much News, Too Many Germs “Now, I’m more alert as to how you can catch germs”
Negative-Passive Who Can I Trust? “I think the government is just tryin’ to get people worked up”
Stereotype Discussed   
Positive-engaged Protection, not Isolation “Take precautions, but live your life… and care for people in need”
  Raising Consciousness “Widespread fear has economic consequences - especially for Latinos”
Negative-Passive Subtle Stigma “Is our lifestyle ’cleaner’ than the lifestyle in Mexico?”
  We’ve Heard This Story Before “Americans are not very sensitive to minorities during disease outbreaks”