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Table 2 Intervention content

From: Designing a theory- and evidence-based tailored eHealth rehabilitation aftercare program in Germany and the Netherlands: study protocol

Weekly sessions Weekly content
Session 1 PA and Session 5 F&V Questionnaire and personalized feedback, increase risk perception and outcome expectations, defining own health outcomes; (Session 5: Assessment of social cognitive factors)
Session 2 PA and Session 6 F&V Personalized feedback, defining action plans
Session 3 PA and Session 7 F&V Personalized feedback
Evaluation and self-reflection about action plans
Adjusting action plans
Defining personal barriers
Develop personal coping plans
Evaluation and refection about coping plans
Session 4 PA and Session 8 F&V Personalized feedback, adjusting coping plans, thinking about social support and development of a list of potential supporters from the social environment; (Session 8: T2 questionnaire)
  1. (PA) physical activity; (F&V) fruit and vegetable consumption.