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Table 1 List of archetypical intervention strategies and corresponding examples

From: Understanding consumer acceptance of intervention strategies for healthy food choices: a qualitative study

Making unhealthier products more expensive An increase of taxes on high-calorie products
Making healthier products less expensive A decrease of taxes on low-calorie products
Restricting the promotion of unhealthier products Prohibition of promotion of high-calorie products at bus shelters
Promoting healthier products Promotion of a low-calorie product by a famous athlete on behalf of the food supplier
Decreasing the accessibility of unhealthier products Placement of high-calorie products on the bottom shelf and low-calorie products at eyesight in a supermarket
Increasing the availability of healthier products Provision of low-calorie alternatives for high-calorie products by food suppliers
Providing calorie information of personal choices in relation to choices of others Use of a receipt that indicates the amount of calories one has bought and the amount others buy, implemented in a canteen by the employer
Providing food labels with calorie information Provision of extensive traffic-light labels on food products by food suppliers
Providing information about healthier eating habits Provision of information about how to create low-calorie eating habits through a governmental campaign