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Table 1 Phases and activities in the PRORIVA small-scale intervention

From: A community intervention for behaviour modification: an experience to control cardiovascular diseases in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Community intervention phases and activities Description of activities
Building trust  
  Community leader meeting Meetings for community leaders conducted separately for certain level of community leaders. Usually discuss how to solve the problem in their community and to socialize program
Public awareness  
  Regular Public Meeting A once a month meeting conducted separately among fathers and mothers usually discuss community problems and socialize program. In these meetings we communicated messages in every stage of intervention including health education and a forum to arise decision on non-smoking meeting.
Program development  
  Team works meetings A once a week meeting involving PRORIVA team, key person and health workers to design, implement and monitor the program
Community Organizing  
  CVD information posts Posts where people can access CVD risk factors screening, health counseling, and necessary referral to health service. These posts open regularly about 4 hours twice a week.
  Sunday Morning Walking Walking together voluntarily for all people every Sunday after morning praying. Start with a short health speech, risk factors screening, walking for 30 minutes, ended with healthy refreshment.
  Weekly Exercise Group Aerobic dancing groups, conducted once a week with local instructor, and mostly attended by mothers. Started with short health speech, risk factors screening and dancing for 30 minutes.
Initiation of maintenance  
  Cooking Competitions Competition between groups of ten-household-mothers to provide healthy cooking from certain raw materials, for example from soya.
  Aerobic Dancing Competitions Competitions between self-arranged group consist of 4–10 people to perform aerobic dancing
  Health Speech Competitions Competitions between health workers to deliver health message on CVD prevention
  Healthy Walking Competitions Competitions for all people to perform moderate walking.
  Public festival A public feast conducted to acknowledge the volunteers working for PRORIVA, and to announce the champions of competitions