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Table 1 Chronic diseases and assigned ATC-codes and medication classes

From: Identifying patients with chronic conditions using pharmacy data in Switzerland: an updated mapping approach to the classification of medications

Chronic condition ATC classification Medication class
Acid related disorders A02 Antacids
Drugs for peptic ulcer and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
Other drugs for acid related disorders
Bone diseases (osteoporosis) M05 Drugs for treatment of bone diseases
Cancer L01 Antineoplastic agents
Cardiovascular diseases (incl. hypertension) B01AA, B01AC, Cardiac agents (excl. ACE inhibitors)
C01, C04A, Antihypertensives
C02, C07, Peripheral vasodilators
C08, C09 Beta blocking agents
Calcium channel blockers
Agents acting on the renin-angiotensin system
Vitamin K antagonists
  Platelet aggregation inhibitors (excl. herparin)
Dementia N06D Anti-dementia drugs
Diabetes mellitus A10A, A10B, Insulins and analogues
A10X Blood glucose lowering drugs (excl. insulins)
Other drugs used in diabetes
Epilepsy N03 Antiepileptics
Glaucoma S01E Antiglaucoma preparations and miotics
Gout, Hyperuricemia M04 Antigout preparations
HIV J05AE, J05AG, Protease inhibitors
J05AR Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitorsAntivirals for treatment of HIV infections, combinations
Hyperlipidemia C10 Lipid modifying agents
Intestinal inflammatory diseases A07EA, A07EC Corticosteroids acting locallyAminosalicylic acid and similar agents
Iron deficiency anemia B03AA, B03AB, Iron bivalent, oral prepartations
Iron trivalent, oral preparations
B03AC Iron trivalent, parenteral preparations
Migraines N02C Antimigraine preparations
Pain N02A, N02B Opioids
Other analgesics
Parkinson’s disease N04 Anti-parkinson drugs
Psycholgical disorders (sleep disorder, depression) N05B, N05C, Anxiolytics
N06A Hypnotics and sedativesAntidepressants
Psychoses N05A Antipsychotics
Respiratory illness (asthma, COPD) R03 Drugs for obstructive airway diseases
Rheumatologic conditions M01, M02 Antiflammatory and antirheumatic products
L04AA, L04AB Topical products for joint and muscular pain
Selective immunosuppressants
TNF-alpha inhibitors
Thyroid disorders H03 Drugs for thyroid therapy
Tuberculosis J04A Drugs for treatment of tuberculosis