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Table 1 Description of risk factors under investigation, Västerbotten Intervention Program

From: Risk equations for the development of worsened glucose status and type 2 diabetes mellitus in a Swedish intervention program

Variable Values Description
Sex Male / female  
Age   Years of age, each decade includes one year older and younger, e.g. 30 = 29–31 years of age etc.
Education High / middle / low University OR education of >12 years in school / 10–12 years of education in school / compulsory school OR < 10 years of education in school
Marital status Married OR living with spouse / single Single = not married OR widowed OR divorced
Perceived health Good / bad Questionnaire of well-being, original score: very good, pretty good, somewhat good, pretty bad, bad; first two were merge to “good” and latter three to “bad”
Triglyceride Normal / high Triglyceride levels: ≤ 1.69 / ≥ 1.7 mmol/l
Blood pressure Normal / high Systolic blood pressure < 140 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure < 90 mmHg AND no self-reported anti-hypertensive drug / self-reported anti-hypertensive drug OR systolic blood pressure ≥ 140 mmHg OR diastolic blood pressure ≥ 90 mmHg
Body mass index (BMI) Underweight & normal / overweight / obesity calculation: (weight in kg) / (height in m)2: ≤ 24.9 / 25.0 – 29.9 / ≥ 30.0
Smoking status Never / formerly / present  
Physical activity Physically active / moderately active / sedentary Physically active = exercise at least 2–3 times/week or walk and/or cycle more than 3 times/week during leisure time or walk or cycle to work more than 5 km per way
Moderately active = do exercise now and then but not regularly or cycle and/or walk during their leisure time at least 2–3 times per week or cycle and/or walk to work 2–5 km each way
Sedentary = never exercise or walk and/or cycle during their leisure time less than 2–3 times per week or take bus or car to work or cycle and/or walk to work less than 2 km per way.
Snus No current use / ≤ 4 cans per week / > 4 cans per week Snus is an oral non-smoking tobacco that is commonly used in Sweden. It is put into the mouth, usually underneath the upper lip. The biological effect of snus use is different from smoking [15].
Alcohol abuse Normal / risk of harmful alcohol consumption Test for harmful alcohol consumption (CAGE questionnaire: 0–1 / 2–4)
5 a day At least 5 a day / less than 5 a day The average consumption of the following fruits and vegetables was summed (based on Food Frequency Questionnaire): berries (fresh or frozen), apples / pears / peaches / oranges / grape, bananas, carrots, tomatoes / cucumbers, salad / spinach / broccoli;
At least 5 a day = at least five portions of the above fruits and/or vegetables per day
Less than 5 a day = less than five portions of the above fruits and/or vegetables per day
Family history No parents and or siblings with T2D / parents or siblings with T2D