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Table 6 Capacity to survive, possible impacts, immediate responses and coping strategies, if GF were to wean-off its support

From: Thailand’s HIV/AIDS program after weaning-off the global fund’s support

Principal recipients Capacity to survive after weaning-off Possible impacts, immediate responses Coping strategies
KI 01–03, PR High, since GF sources play minor role, it has high capacity to mobilize resources Staff cut, though unknown future funding for IDU and migrants 1. Merge GF program with existing governance body, mobilize local government budget
2. Transfer ARV finance to National Health Security Office
3. Mobilize other international funders
KI04, PR Low Severe impact on IDU and ART for non-Thai migrants 1. Scale down GF programme
2. Negotiate with GPO supporting ARV for non-Thai migrants
Local staff cut, scale down or termination of some projects.
KI05, PR Very low Termination of HIV prevention services for IDU 1. Change target KAP to other group that conform to Thai government regulations in order to be eligible to receive funding from other international sources
HIV incidence/prevalence among IDU may increase sharply
2. Scale down and prioritize the most affected areas
KI06, PR Low Abrupt termination of current program 1. A national focal point is essential to manage the new national pooled fund from domestic sources; requiring legislation or regulations
Interim: use of savings/or remaining budget
May be eligible for a 'ceiling budget’ from a single stream funding Round 10 targeting children 2. Others: public private partnership on HIV/AIDS
  1. Source: assessment by authors from interviews of KI.