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Table 2 Linear regressions of the effect of type of pack on the global index score for boys and girls

From: Young smokers and non-smokers perceptions of typical users of plain vs. branded cigarette packs: a between-subjects experimental survey

  Girlsa Boysa
Constant (ref. person) 7.4*** 10.1***
Branded condition 3.4*** 1.6
Smoker 1.7* 0.7
Age Group (ref: 15–17 years)   
  18-20 years 0.4 -0.4
  21-22 years -1.8 -1.4
  Society is negative to smoking 0.8 1.1
  Smoking helps smokers to stay slim 1.8 4.7***
  Smoking makes you addicted -0.5 -1.7
  To smoke a cigarette every now and then is not damaging to health 2.3* 1.4
  Cigarette packs should have more information about health consequences 0.3 1.0
  Adj. R-square 0.071 0.033
  1. a: Unstandardized coefficients. The constant is the calculated sum-score of the reference person. The reference person is a 15–17 year-old non-smoker exposed to non-branded packs, with attitudes opposite of those listed in the table.
  2. t-test, *:p < 0.05, ***:p < 0.001.