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Table 3 Measurements

From: Evaluation of a family intervention programme for the treatment of overweight and obese children (Nereu Programme): a randomized clinical trial study protocol

Aim   Nereu and Counselling group measures
   Children Parents
Cardiovascular risks factors Anthropometry Weight Weight and Height
   BMI z score  
   Waist circumference  
   Waist-size index  
   Triceps skinfold  
   Subscapular skinfold  
  Blood pressure Diastolic and systolic pressure NOT analysed
  Blood test Cholesterol (LDL, HDL), triglycerides, glucose, insulin, TSH and cortisol 1 NOT analysed
Physical condition Physical condition ALPHA test set [42]  
Behaviours Physical activity Seven-days Accelerometry International Physical Activity Questionnaire IPAQ [74]
   Seven days recall physical activity questionnaire (PAQ-C) [46]  
  Nutrition 24 h dietary recall (x 3 days) Frequency consumption (CFCA –adults version)
   Frequency consumption (CFCA – children version)  
Psychological aspects Physiological, physical and cognitive Physical activity self-efficacy [64] Health-specific self-efficacy [82]
   Physical self-concept (MIFA) [66]  
   Body-image: Figure Rating Scale [67]  
   Physical activity enjoyment (PACES) [69]  
Health related quality of life HRQOL PedsQL 4.0 [70]  
Health economic data Cost-effectiveness CHU 9D [73] EQ-5D EuroQol Group [84]
Modifiers variable Pubertal maturity Tanner pubertal stage [88]
  Socio-economical and demographic parameters Some questions from de National Healthy Survey for children [89] and for parents [90]
  Adherence Attendance log
  Satisfaction Survey
  1. 1the measurement will be undertaken 2 times: at baseline and at the end of the intervention.