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Table 1 Contents of the assembly of children, the family theoretical counseling sessions for parents and the behavior strategies sessions for both

From: Evaluation of a family intervention programme for the treatment of overweight and obese children (Nereu Programme): a randomized clinical trial study protocol

Target/term Parents/children Parents’ sessions contents Children’s assembly contents
Phase N Behavior change strategy
1st Term (October-December) Getting informed Concienciation (Attention) 1 Explaining expectations Presenting the programme What is Nereu Programme?
Information on health components of the programme Understanding the expectations of the parents at the beginning of the Nereu Programme What do you want to know?
2 Information about healthy food Reflecting on the current diet and healthy food benefits Benefits of healthy food
Barrier identification
3 Information on outcomes Making them aware of the importance of PA Why should we take part in sport?
4 Provide information about healthier diet Knowing the behaviours and actions that help us improve our diet Let's go to eat healthy and funny!
5 Provide information about healthier behaviour Becoming familiar with their lifestyle and how to make it more active How can I go to the school?
6 Explaining how the programme aims to encourage healthier lifestyles Setting short-term goals (behaviour strategy session I)
2nd Term (January-March) Becoming aware Modelation (Retention) 7 Instructions about nutrition Understanding and knowing eat quantities The traffic light game
8 Ways in which they can achieve a more active lifestyle/Identifying barriers to participation Becoming familiar with their availability and requirements in order to be more PA. What we should be doing! Family photography!! Which sport will you Take part in?
Self-monitoring of existing PA
9 Provide information about healthier eating Myths related to nutrition What do we know about nutrition?
10 Encouraging healthier lifestyle Using different tools to become more active The weather is good, let’s go and have fun!!
11 Overcome specific barriers Giving options to eat on specific days (Christmas, restaurants…) Ticket-aaaa!!! Eating out side!!
12 Social support and change Behaviour modification strategies day-to-day Where are we going next weekend?
13 Provide instructions about healthier food knowledge about how to interpret advertising and how buy food Let’s go to buy!
14 Provide feedback on performance Ways in which they can incorporate PA into their lifestyle. Why do we use the elevator?
15 Encouragement and setting goals on PA and nutrition Setting medium-term goals (behaviour strategy session II)
Maintaining behaviour strategies
3rd Term (April-Mai) Committing and keeping up Autonomy (Reproduction) 16 Provide knowledge about healthier eating Learning to make a balanced menu How do a balanced menu?
17 Specific encouragement Relation between PA and food intake Burning sweets!
Decisional balance
Evaluation (Motivation) 18 Self PA evaluation Evaluating the implementation of PA How active are we?
19 Self-Diet evaluation Evaluating the implementation of Diet How well you eat?
20 Encouraging PA and nutrition Keeping up medium and long-term behaviour (behaviour strategy session III)
Maintenance behaviour strategies
Closure 21 Enjoying a healthy day together Closing Party
1 each term 3 weekend extra activities -- Encouraging active behaviour in an experiential manner and social support 3 extra family physical activities: Ski, FC Barcelona, Aqua party