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Table 2 Factor analysis using a rotated component matrix for perceived stress variables (factor loading >0.50 is cut-off point for inclusion)

From: Subjective health complaints in older adolescents are related to perceived stress, anxiety and gender – a cross-sectional school study in Northern Sweden

Perceived stress variables Factor loading
Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3
Pressure and demands Eigenvalue 5.97 Cronbach’s alpha 0.83   
I don’t have enough time 0.754   
I feel under pressure from school demands 0.698   
I feel helpless 0.671   
I never feel really free 0.641   
I feel under pressure from demands at home 0.563   
I feel under pressure from my inner demands 0.536   
I don’t feel rested after sleep 0.531   
Activation/high tempo   Eigenvalue 1.41 Cronbach’s alpha 0.72  
I rush even if I don’t have to   0.721  
I keep a high speed all the day   0.700  
I eat rapidly even if I don’t have to   0.576  
I do many things at the same time   0.551  
I find it difficult to relax   0.533  
Sleep problems    Eigenvalue 1.04 Cronbach’s alpha 0.82
I sleep restlessly and shallow    0.763
I have difficulty falling asleep    0.739
I wake up early in the morning    0.606
I feel restless    0.524
  1. Selected factors with an eigenvalue greater than 1 explained 52.7% of the variance.