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Table 1 Factor analysis using a rotated component matrix for subjective health complaint variables (factor loading >0.50 is cut-off point for inclusion)

From: Subjective health complaints in older adolescents are related to perceived stress, anxiety and gender – a cross-sectional school study in Northern Sweden

Subjective health complaint variables Factor loading
Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3
Psychosomatic symptoms Eigenvalue 6.07 Cronbach’s alpha 0.77   
More tired than before 0.560   
Sadness 0.659   
Acid stomach, stomach ache 0.667   
Pain and aches in heart and chest 0.692   
Palpitations and extra heart beats 0.678   
Headache/upper respiratory infection symptoms   Eigenvalue 1.33 Cronbach’s alpha 0.75  
Headache   0.526  
Cold symptoms   0.799  
Cough and hoarseness   0.793  
Nausea   0.539  
Musculoskeletal pain symptoms    Eigenvalue 1.16 Cronbach’s alpha 0.76
Neck and shoulder pain    0.616
Low back pain    0.690
Pain in extremity joints    0.774
Muscle pain    0.754
  1. Selected factors with an eigenvalue greater than 1 explained 53.5% of the variance.