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Table 3 Internal consistency and concurrent validity of the final version of the CCS

From: Development of a Community Commitment Scale with Cross-sectional Survey Validation for Preventing Social Isolation in Older Japanese People

   Local volunteers N=859 General residents N=3,484
Basic statistics of the CCS (8 items) Mean(SD) 17.1(3.7) 13.5(4.0)
  Range 0-24 0-24
  Skewness −0.27 0.22
  Kurtosis −0.1 0.04
Internal consistency    
The CCS (8 items) Cronbach’s α 0.75 0.78
Concurrent validity    
BSCSa Correlation, R 0.54 0.62
Self- efficacy of helping elderly neighborsb
1) I can call on elderly neighbors, if I do not see them for a few days. Not at all, LS means 13.3 11.0
Not slightly, LS means 15.9 12.4
Slightly, LS means 17.7 14.4
Absolutely, LS means 19.1 16.5
η 2 (95%CI) 0.13(0.09-0.17) 0.15(0.12-0.17)
2) I can help elderly neighbors with chores such as grocery shopping or garbage disposal. Not at all, LS means 15.2 11.4
  Not slightly, LS means 16.3 12.6
  Slightly, LS means 17.9 14.2
  Absolutely, LS means 20.0 16.4
  η 2 (95%CI) 0.11(0.07-0.15) 0.12(0.10-0.14)
  1. Note:
  2. a Pearson’s correlation.
  3. b Analysis of variance was conducted. Dependent variable was total scores of the final CCS; independent variables were confidence levels of each question of self-efficacy for helping elderly neighbors.