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Table 1 Showing data collected for all children/parents at different time points

From: A family-based intervention targeting parents of preschool children with overweight and obesity: conceptual framework and study design of LOOPS- Lund overweight and obesity preschool study

Measurements Inclusion 6-months follow up 1-year follow up (end intervention) 2-year follow up 5-year follow up
Weight/length/waist circumference X X X X X
Blood pressure X   X   
Parental weight/length X   X   
fP-glucose, fS-insulin, fP-C-Peptid, fS-Proinsulin, B-HbA1c X   X   
fS-ghrelin X   X   
Ghrelin 1 hour postprandial X   X   
P-glucose, S-insulin 1 hour postprandial      
X   X    
P-TSH, P-T4, P-T3 X   X   
fP-kolesterol, fP-LDL-kolesterol, fP-HDL-kolesterol, fP-triglycerider X   X   
Incretins, adipokines and cytokines X   X   
Faecal samples (gut microbiota) X X X   
F-calprotectin X X X   
Accelerometer (SENSEWEAR) 3 days X   X   
Dietary registration 4 days X   X   
Questionnaire X   X