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Table 4 Intersectoral coordination mechanisms in selected countries in WPR, 2011

From: A qualitative study of governance of evolving response to non-communicable diseases in low-and middle- income countries: current status, risks and options

Country Name of intersectoral mechanism Chair Membership Year of establishment Comments
Cambodia Inter-ministerial committee for education and reduction of tobacco use; Minister of Health 12 government ministries and institutions June 2001 plays a major role in
      formulating the National Strategic Plan on tobacco control, law and legislation fortobacco control.
      NCD plan mentions about establishment of inter-ministerial working group by 2009, but status is not known at the time of study.
Fiji National NCD committee (similar multisectoral committee for health promotion, HIV/AIDS and suicide prevention. Minister of Health permanent secretary or directorate level of government, non-state actors and civil society groups, including faith-based groups 2004 Coordinate national implementation of the respective strategic plans developed by the same multi-stakeholders.
Mongolia National Council for public health Prime-minister Minister-level member ship from 8 line ministries (health, education, justice, infrastructure, food and agriculture, environment, foreign affairs and defence), the National Statistical Office, the HSUM and the Ulaanbaatar City Government 2002 Another multi-sectoral structure is Health Promotion Foundation headed by Minister of Health with membership from director, taxation office, Ministry of Finance.
Malaysia Cabinet Committee for a health promoting environment proposed in the National Strategic plan for NCD (2010–2014) Deputy Prime-minster Minister-level membership from 10 line ministries 2011 Has clear terms of reference to determine policies that support positive behavioural changes towards healthy eating and living. The Committee held its first meeting in April 2011.
Philippines Philippine coalition for prevention and control of NCD It institutionalized the annual public health forum on NCD prevention and control since 2006. NA Initial membership has 44 organizations including various medical specialty organizations and societies, professional organizations, non-government organizations, government agencies, academe. 2004 Each member organization signs an Memorandum of understanding that it will contribute to the programs and activities approved by the Coalition Council in consonance with its mandate, while maintaining its own independent programs and avoid open conflict with similar actions of the Coalition.