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Table 5 Responses on strategies to overcome barriers to counseling patients with obesity (n=206)

From: Community Pharmacists role in obesity treatment in Kuwait: a cross-sectional study

Strategies to overcome barriers to counseling Mean (SD)
Increased public awareness about pharmacists' abilities to counsel about obesity 3.57 (0.98)
Improvement of pharmacists’ knowledge about obesity 3.51 (0.72)
Improvement of pharmacists’ communication skills 3.47 (0.68)
Increased staffing in pharmacy 3.36 (1.20)
Greater support from pharmacy management for counseling activities 3.33 (0.96)
Development of a positive outlook toward patients with obesity 3.29 (1.08)
Reimbursement (repayment/compensation) to the pharmacists for counseling 3.06 (1.06)
Establishment of private consultation areas in the pharmacy 2.98 (1.27)
  1. Measured on 4 -point Likert scale: 1, not at all; 2, not very much; 3, to some extent; 4, to a great extent.