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Table 4 Anticipated barriers to counseling obese patients (n =206)

From: Community Pharmacists role in obesity treatment in Kuwait: a cross-sectional study

Barriers % (95%CI)
Lack of patient awareness about pharmacists' expertise in counseling 76.2 ( 69.7-81.7)
Opinions about people with obesity (i.e., lack of willpower and do not adhere to the interventions to reduce their weight) 71.8 (65.1-77.8)
Lack of pharmacist time for counseling 69.4 (62.6-75.5)
Lack of pharmacists who are expertise in counseling 55.8 (48.8-62.7)
Lack of patient demand for counseling 53.4 (46.4-60.3)
Lack of privacy for counseling 52.4 (45.4-59.4)
Lack of pharmacist interest in counseling 49.5 (42.5-56.5)
Lack of repayment to the pharmacist for counseling 48.1 (41.1-55.1)
Belief that obesity is controllable without medications 45.1 (38.3-52.2)
Opinions about obesity as not a disease 40.5 (33.6-47.4)