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Table 4 Breaches of the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative

From: Compliance with children’s television food advertising regulations in Australia

Regulation Campaign breaches Number of aired advertisements
“Participants will not advertise food and beverage products to children under 12 in media unless: Simplot; Bird’s Eye fish fingers 139
1. those products represent healthy dietary choices, consistent with established scientific or Australian government standards Nestle: Milo cereal 5
Ferrero: Kinder Surprise confectionery 5
and Ferrero: Nutella chocolate spread 3
2. the advertising and/or marketing communication activities reference, or are in the context of, a healthy lifestyle, designed to appeal to the intended audience through messaging that encourages: Fonterra: Mainland Butter Soft 2
Fonterra: Mainland Cracker Cuts 1
·good dietary habits, consistent with established scientific or government criteria Kraft: Oreo chocolate biscuits 1
·physical activity” (p 1–2). Unilever: Street’s Magnum ice cream 1
Participants will not use popular personalities, program characters or licensed characters in advertising primarily directed to children under 12 Simplot Bird’s Eye: fish fingers animated pirate 139
Participants will commit to not advertising premium offers unless the reference to the premium is merely incidental to the product. Ferrero Australia: Kinder Surprise 5
TOTAL   301