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Table 5 Negative feedback received by LHDs from community partners (n = 44)

From: Public health management of antiviral drugs during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic: a survey of local health departments in California

Feedback n (% of LHDs)
Confusion regarding clinical guidance for antiviral use 18 (41)
Confusion regarding the use of public vs. private stockpile antivirals 11 (25)
Dissatisfaction regarding which patients should receive antivirals from public stockpile 11 (25)
Antiviral availability 10 (23)**
Administrative challenges associated with antivirals 10 (23)
Burdensome paperwork associated with tracking antiviral utilization 4 (9)
Difficulty determining whether local stockpiles had been depleted 3 (7)
Reported misuse of publicly purchased antivirals 2 (5)
Antiviral storage or security 1 (2)
  1. **Indicates statistically significant difference with respect to population size served by LHD (Fisher's exact test, p < .05)