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Table 3 Example of analysis of codes, categories and themes

From: Health policymakers’ knowledge and opinions of physicians smoking and tobacco policy control in Lao PDR

Codes Categories Themes
Knowledgeable of the health effects of smoking Unacceptable/acceptable for among medical doctors to smoke Policy maker’s perspectives of smoking among medical doctors
Individual behaviour   
Non smoking Role model of medical doctors on smoking  
Implementing policy   
Quit smoking   
No awareness of smoke-free regulation policy Limited awareness on smoke-free policy Smoking-free policy/law at the health institutions
No wide dissemination of smoking free policy   
Smoking prohibition/ Availability of smoking-free policy or law  
No smoking prohibition   
Smoking areas   
Peer pressure Peer influence Factors influencing smoking practice
Overload Working conditions  
Night duty   
MD as trusted source Perspective on the counselling of smoking Provision of tobacco control
Knowledgeable & Skilful   
Not ready to be a counselor   
Radio, leaflet, posters Perspective on counselling method  
Face-to-face counselling   
Hotline counseling   
Combination methods   
-No existing lessons/ No official lessons Integration of lessons on anti-smoking in the training curriculum  
-Political and economic reasons   
-Limitation and inadequate smoke-free policy regulation