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Table 1 Interview guide for smoking among health professionals

From: Health policymakers’ knowledge and opinions of physicians smoking and tobacco policy control in Lao PDR

Interview guide
1 Key demographic information (age, general education, administrative positions, working experiences, smoking status)
2 What do you think about smoking among health professionals? Is it acceptable to the general population for medical doctors to smoke? Why? What do you think about the role model of medical doctors in terms of smoking?
3 What makes health professionals smoke?
4 What do you know about the regulation or law related to smoking in the hospitals/teaching faculties?
5 What sort of smoke-free policy is in place at the health facilities/MOH? Is the smoking policy reinforced? If yes, Why? If no, Why?
6 What do you think about providing counselling about the effect of smoking to people? On quitting smoking?
7 Are there any lessons on tobacco control in the training curriculum? What are they?