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Table 2 The six clusters identified when condensing the definitions from the literature review

From: Health literacy and public health: A systematic review and integration of definitions and models

Competence / skills / abilities Action Information Objective Context Time
Possession of requisite skills/Constellation of skills/Wide range of skills
Cognitive skills
Social skills
Personal skills
The ability
The capacity
The knowledge
The competencies
To gain access
To understand
To use
To perform basic reading and numerical tasks
To obtain
To process
To seek out
To comprehend
To evaluate
To read
To filter
To find
To appraise
To communicate
To interpret
To identify
To perform arithmetic operations
To embrace or disregard actions
To derive meaning
To act
To make sound decisions/to make health-related decisions
To take responsibility
To pertain interactions
To attain capacity, comprehension and communication
Health information
Information relating to health
Basic health information
Health-related print-material
Information presented in graphical form
Health information in written, spoken or digital form
Different forms of communication
Promote and maintain good health
To function in the health care environment
To make appropriate health decisions
A critical empowerment strategy to increase people's control over their health
To make informed choices
Reduce health risks
Increase quality of life
To form sound judgments
To engage in demands of different health contexts
To promote health
To enhance health
To improve health
To make appropriate health and care decisions
To accomplish health-related objectives
To make public health decisions that benefit the community
Variety of settings
The health care environment
Different health contexts
Health care setting
Health related contexts
The everyday life at home, in the community, at the workplace, within the healthcare system, at the market place and within the political arena
HL always related to the context of the specific tasks needed to be accomplished
Across the life course
Evolves over lifetime