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Table 2 Items used and standardized regression weights

From: Leading during change: the effects of leader behavior on sickness absence in a Norwegian health trust

Variable Items Standardized regression weights
  My leader:  
Social support asks me how I am doing. 0.911
supports me when I need encouraging. 0.904
gives me positive feedback. 0.877
asks me how my work is going. 0.904
Task monitoring makes sure that I focus on the most important tasks. 0.841
makes sure that I execute my tasks in the manner in which we have agreed. 0.868
oversees that I execute my tasks. 0.867
Negative leader behavior displays favoritism. 0.754
interrupts me when I talk. 0.664
asks me to execute tasks that are meaningless. 0.559
gets me in a bad mood. 0.803
blames others. 0.829
  belittles my views. 0.734
  obsesses with meaningless details. 0.690
  pigeonhole people. 0.870
  talks behind peoples back. 0.795
Problem confrontation addresses difficulties when necessary. 0.924
addresses problems with those concerned. 0.868
addresses difficulties when they arise. 0.907
Loyalty to superiors loyally executes instructions from superiors. 0.688
talks about superiors with respect. 0.861
works well with superiors. 0.966