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Table 1 Study eligibility (A) and ineligibility criteria (B) and reasons (and numbers) for exclusion of referral (C)

From: Ending homelessness among people with mental illness: the At Home/Chez Soi randomized trial of a Housing First intervention in Toronto

A. Eligibility criteria B. Exclusion criteria
1. ≥18 years old 1. Relatively homeless3
2. Absolutely homeless1 or Precariously housed2 2. Illegal status (not a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, refugee or refugee claimant)
3. Presence of serious mental disorder with or without co-existing substance use problem (no formal diagnosis necessary for study entry) 3. No serious mental disorder
4. Not currently receiving Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) or Intensive Case Management (ICM) 4. Current client of an ACT or ICM
C. Excluded referrals and causes
Excluded prior to screening interview (N = 616) N Excluded post screening interview (N = 151) N
Referrals delayedprior to potential screening* 445 Did not meet serious mental disorder criteria 59
Not absolutely homeless/precariously housed 44 Declined consent 54
Current client of ACT/ICM 29 Was not absolutely homeless/ precariously housed 16
Did not show up for Screening interview 24 Unable to provide informed consent 4
Lost contact with study staff 17 Lack of space in relevant group 5
Did not meet serious mental disorder criteria 14 Current client of ACT/ICM 9
Did not meet requirements of ICM 9 Incomplete referral 1
No longer interested in participating in study 9 Participant wasn’t aware of referral and declined participation 1
Found housing 4 Withdrew 1
Not eligible to receive social assistance income support 4   
Not informed of study by referral source 3   
Moved to another country 2   
In justice system 2   
Deceased 2   
Deported 2   
Secured own housing 1   
Withdrew 1   
Unable to provide consent 1   
Declined permission to be referred 1   
Not of age 1   
Too sick 1   
  1. *Referrals were kept for a period of up to three months. During the early phases of the study there were more referrals than staff available to accept new participants; therefore, many referrals were delayed beyond the three month period and were excluded prior to screening.
  2. 1 Absolutely homeless: no fixed place to stay for at least the past 7 nights with little likelihood of finding a place in the upcoming month.
  3. 2 Precariously housed: housed in single room occupancy (SRO), rooming house, or hotel/motel as a primary residence AND in the past year have a history of 2 or more episodes of being Absolutely Homeless OR one episode of being absolutely homeless of at least 4 weeks duration in the past year.
  4. 3 Relatively homeless: individuals who inhabit spaces that do not meet the basic health and safety standards, such as living in overcrowded or hazardous conditions.