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Table 1 Key components of the tobacco free commission as presented to focus group participants

From: Qualitative exploration of public and smoker understanding of, and reactions to, an endgame solution to the tobacco epidemic

Tobacco Free Commission facets presented Detail provided
Purpose To facilitate the achievement of the tobacco-free vision
Mode of operation TFC mandate is to support and facilitate measures to reduce smoking prevalence not maximising sales or profit
  Independent of government
  Transparent governance structure
  Non-profit making
  Focus on controlling and reducing supply of tobacco products
  TFC to be disbanded once tobacco targets are reached.
Structure/relationships Contractual relationship between TFC and tobacco industry (TFC commissions tobacco industry to provide supply of tobacco products)
  TFC supplies tobacco products to licensed tobacco retailers (no direct supply of retailers by tobacco industry)
Other possible measures which TFC could introduce/facilitate Licensing tobacco retailers
  Controls over number and location of tobacco retailers
  Removal of point-of-sale tobacco product displays
  Tobacco retailers required to provide smoking cessation support and aids
  Plain packaging of tobacco products