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Table 1 Target assessments and instruments

From: “Psychosomatic consultation in the workplace” – a new model of care at the interface of company-supported mental health care and consultation-liaison psychosomatics: design of a mixed methods implementation study

   Time of implementation
Target assessment Instrument T1 T2
Demographic data Individual items x  
Previous contacts with the psychotherapeutic system Individual items x  
Work ability WAI x x
Psychosomatic diagnosis, nature and severity of the illness PHQ x x
Length of symptoms Individual items x  
Health-related quality of life SF-12 x x
Burnout syndrome based on work-related stress MBI x x
Cognitive and emotional irritation based on work-related stress IS x x
Working conditions KFZA x x
Follow-ups in the psychotherapeutic system Individual items   x
Patient satisfaction ZUF-8   x
  1. Overview of target assessments and corresponding psychometric instruments. For each instrument the time of implementation is indicated. T1 stands for baseline/before the intervention, T2 is defined as 12 weeks after T1.