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Table 3 Female sex workers’ perceptions of changes in the sex industry due to the World Cup

From: Female sex work and international sport events - no major changes in demand or supply of paid sex during the 2010 Soccer World Cup: a cross-sectional study

Description of changes in sex industry as a result of the World Cup (n=328)
Negative changes* (n=100) Positive changes* (n=228)
More competition -“I saw a lot of new faces [female sex workers] around. There was competition. Everyone wanted to benefit” (Post-WC, CT) More gifts/foreign currency -“I did get dollars. It was R1000 [$131]. It was a lot for me. To compare the whole night of here is maybe R300 [$40]” (During WC, CT)
During WC: n=1 - Many Sowetan [urban township] girls joined the industry before the World Cup. They thought that there will be dollars, so we are now sharing our few customers. That is why we think there are no customers” (Post-WC, JB) During WC: n=15 -“The people I sold to, one of them bought me a ticket to go to the stadium to watch soccer. It was my first time to watch soccer. I don’t even wish for that day to pass” (During WC, RB)
Post-WC: n=6   Post-WC: n=8
Less clients - “The business is not working. Our clients just come to the bar and watch the ball. There's no time for us. Even in the street there are few of them. Others there are busy watching the ball” (During WC, JB) More clients/business -“Business was burning, we made a killing” (Post-WC, CT)
During WC: n=3 - “There is no client at all because of police” (Post-WC, CT) During WC: n=25 -“I saw a lot of change because I was able to sell a lot. So much that I wish that the World Cup could come back again so that I can buy myself two big blankets” (Post-WC, RB)
Post-WC: n=6   Post-WC: n=31
Less income -“I've seen the problem of money. We don’t have money since the World Cup started” (During WC, JB) Can charge more -“I saw change because they gave us more money than what our clients used to give us” (During WC, RB)
During WC: n=18 -“I didn’t have any money from this. Worse is to not meet one client from other country” During WC: n=38 -“I found too much money during the World Cup. More especially when Bafana Bafana [South African team] was playing. I make too much money” (During WC, JB)
Post-WC: n=24 (During WC, CT) Post-WC: n=40
Expectations not realised -“During the World Cup I was expecting too much business than ever before, but to my surprise it is only after the World Cup that I see the business improve” (Post-WC, RB) Meet new people -“I've met different people from different parts of the world. Some gave me their phone numbers and email address for networking” (During WC, JB)
During WC: n=7 -“There is no money, but they say World Cup 2010 will bring money. But I think they take money with them.” (Post-WC, JB) During WC: n=26
Post-WC: n=10   Post-WC: n=11 -“Mostly I met clients who treated me very differently comparing to those from here. They never treated me like a prostitute. They were very kind” (During WC, CT)
Increased police harassment -“The World Cup didn’t make me happy because the police were very angry with us.” (During WC, CT Improved relationship: police -“Cops are no longer after us. They are busy with the World Cup” (During WC, JB)
During WC: n=8 -“The police harassment is too much. Every day they disturb us asking many questions and use spray guns to spray us while we are walking” (During WC, JB) During WC: n=12 -“Because the police were not interrupting us. They were busy with drug dealers and corrupt people” (Post-WC, JB)
Post-WC: n=10   Post-WC: n=9
Challenging work conditions -“It is cold and we stand on the streets cold as it is, and leave without money. This soccer came with bad luck” (During WC, JB) Improved work conditions -“The best part was to do our business without being scared of anybody” (During WC, RB)
During WC: n=2 -“I never found many clients like before the ball started. Because people are watching the World Cup match they don’t want to come to the hotels. Some they say it is too cold” (During WC, JB) During WC: n=2 -“The hotels have been renovated and there is more security than before” (Post-WC, JB)
Post-WC: n=0   Post-WC: n=3 -“Many peer educators from different organisations were busy distributing condoms” (Post-WC, JB)
Personal circumstances/fears -“The World Cup was not so good for me because my son was very sick. I couldn’t go to work like before. It was a bad month for me” (During WC, CT Misc. positive remark -“I've seen a lot of changes during the World Cup. I'm in a hurry I can't tell you all. But the truth is I'm very excited” (During WC, JB)
During WC: n=2 -“I was scared that I might contract diseases from foreign countries which we may not have treatment for here in our country” (Post-WC, RB) During WC: n=5 -“It was better than the normal days” (Post-WC, CT)
Post-WC: n=3   Post-WC: n=3  
  1. *Open-ended question asked during the World Cup (During WC) and thereafter (Post-WC); CT Cape Town, multiple responses possible; JB Johannesburg; RB Rustenburg; 1USD = 7.66 South African Rand.