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Table 2 Change in practice

From: The effectiveness of knowledge translation strategies used in public health: a systematic review

Randomized controlled trials (4)
Study Measurement period Study population Groups Baseline Follow up Overall effect Comments
Barwick 2009 Baseline 34 Child & youth mental health practitioners I: Communities of Practice n=17 Mean Scores Mean Scores   
End of intervention (12 months) Use: Use: Use: Use- 20-item questionnaire of self reported use of CAFAS implementation supports reduced to a total score. Responses were 'yes', 'no', or 'don't know/does not apply'.
4.88 6.55 F=0.02
  Change: Change: Change: Change-10-question Likert scale of self- reported change reduced to a total practice change score. Items were rated as 'very much', 'somewhat', 'very little', or 'not at all'.
3.00 8.81 F=0.20
Rating: Rating: Rating: Rating: Total number of times clinicians rated the CAFAS in practice.
NR 152 NR
C: Usual Practice n=17 Use: Use:  
4.88 4.22
Change: Change:
1.33 1.80
Rating: Rating:
NR 65
Dobbins 2009 Baseline (2004) 108 public health departments in Canada I: Tailored and targeted messaging Mean Scores Mean Scores   
GIDM 5.61 GIDM 5.75 GIDM p < 0.45 GIDM-Global Evidence-Informed Decision Making- Mean self report score on the extent to which research evidence was considered in a recent program planning decision in the previous 12 months.
End of Intervention (2006) n=36 HPP 5.49 HPP 7.89 HPP < 0.01
I: Services of a knowledge broker GIDM 5.45 GIDM 6.08 Responses ranged from: 1= not at all to 7= completely/
n=36 HPP 6.53 HPP 6.03  
C:Access to health registry GIDM 5.43 GIDM 6.17 HPP-Public Health Policies and Programs Respondents asked whether the public health policies and programs were being implemented by their health department (yes/no). A ‘yes’ was coded as 01 and a ‘no’ was coded as a ‘02’. Total number was summed and compared across groups from baseline to post intervention.
HPP 6.50 HPP 6.22
Di Noia Baseline 188 school personnel, community providers, and policy makers   Mean Score Mean Score NS Frequency of searching for information
2003 Follow up (6 months) I: Pamphlet n=55 1.56 1.60   Statistical test not reported. Lower scores are indicative of more favourable ratings
I: CD-ROM n=64 1.53 1.48  
I: Internet n=69 1.62 1.51   Internet was most effective intervention.
Forsetlund 2003 Baseline 148 public health physicians I: Workshop, information service, discussion list, free access to databases n=73 Use of Research Percentage Use of Research Percentage NR Statistical test not reported.
  End of intervention (1.5 years) 0% 0%   Analysis of the contents of local health service reports for use of research. Respondents sent in relevant documents analyzed by researchers. Scores for reports were recoded and reported as 'used' or 'not used' research.
    C: Free access to library services n=75 0% 1.3%   
  1. Note: I = Intervention C = Control.