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Table 1 Demographic status of three professional focus group participants (age range: 25–55)

From: Migration experiences, employment status and psychological distress among Somali immigrants: a mixed-method international study

Gender Current occupation City (Country)
Female Counsellor/Family Therapist London (UK)
Male Social Worker London (UK)
Male Housing Officer London (UK)
Female Housing Officer London (UK)
Female Advocacy Worker London (UK)
Male Somali Project Worker London (UK)
Male Counsellor/Caseworker London (UK)
Female Project Worker London (UK)
Male Psychiatrist London (UK)
Male Community Worker London (UK)
Female Case Worker London (UK)
Male Physician London (UK)
Male Housing Officer London (UK)
Male Immigration Advice Worker Minneapolis (US)
Male Community Representative (Office of the Senator) Minneapolis (US)
Female Social Worker Minneapolis (US)
Male Refugee Resettlement Programme Manager Minneapolis (US)
Male Human Resources Representative Minneapolis (US)
Male Employment Counsellor Minneapolis (US)