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Table 2 Brand ratings for individual cigarette packages by experimental condition (n = 640)

From: The potential impact of plain packaging of cigarette products among Brazilian young women: an experimental study

  Virginia Slims Silver Peel Sweet Melon John Player Special Pink American Blend Benson & Hedges Superslims Filter 100s Park Avenue DJ Mix Strawberry Flavour Special Feel Silk Cut Superslims Menthol Dunhill Carlton Carlton Mint Blend Capri Baunilha Vogue Bleue Marlboro Filter Cigarettes Gold Original  
“A little” or “A lot” MORE APPEALING than other brands (% agree) (Mean score)
Standard 77.1%a 72.5%a 71.6%a 69.5%a 68.9%a 58.1%ab 50.0%a 49.5%a 45.9%a 23.4%a 6.0a
Plain 48.7%b 39.9%b 32.8%b 33.9%b 51.1%b 60.6%a 40.2%b 45.9%a 39.1%a 39.8%b 4.3b
Plain-no desc. 49.5%b 13.8%c 29.1%b 29.1%b 14.6%c 50.5%b 33.8%b 27.5%b 59.7%b 38.5%b 3.4c
“A little” or “A lot” BETTER TASTE than other brands (% agree) (Mean score)
Standard 39.6%a 65.5%a 45.7%a 56.8%a 66.3%a 60.6%a 45.3%a 57.7%a 25.3%a 24.5%a 4.9a
Plain 25.4%b 50.0%b 23.7%b 20.5%b 55.8%b 59.1%a 50.3%a 55.2%a 26.6%a 29.8%a 3.9b
Plain-no desc. 35.0%a 9.7%c 21.5%b 20.6%b 12.0%c 32.8%b 27.0%b 18.7%b 33.2%a 30.8%a 2.3c
“A little” or “A lot” LESS HEALTH RISK than other brands (% agree) (Mean score)
Standard 8.8%a 22.5%a 10.3%a 24.0%a 14.1%a 18.0%a 9.3%a 13.9%a 12.5%a 11.4%a 1.5a
Plain 9.7%a 10.7%b 7.4%a 17.9%ab 9.8%a 10.9%a 11.5%a 14.5%a 8.5%a 16.1%a 1.1a
Plain-no desc. 11.6%a 14.1%ab 11.0%a 10.6%b 11.5%a 14.1%a 8.9%a 9.0%a 10.6%a 10.8%a 1.2a
“A little” or “A lot” MORE SMOOTH than other brands (% agree) (Mean score)
Standard 23.3%a 56.5%a 35.0%a 46.2%a 54.2%a 51.5%a 40.5%a 50.5%a 26.3%ab 21.1%a 4.1a
Plain 22.0%a 41.1%b 16.8%b 25.9%b 42.1%b 43.8%a 36.0%a 45.1%a 19.5%a 25.9%a 3.1b
Plain-no desc. 29.1%a 12.2%c 11.6%b 11.1%c 7.5%c 19.8%b 16.2%b 19.5%b 29.1%b 13.4%b 1.6c
  1. *Letters are used to indicate statistical significance between values in the same column based on logistic regression models for the single packages, and linear regression models for the index scores. Values with different letters are significantly different at the p < 0.05 level. All regression models were adjusted for age, education, ethnicity, and smoking status.
  2. Mean index scores were created for each measure by summing the number of times “A little” or “A lot” was selected across the 10 brands (range: 1 to 10).