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Table 2 Search strategy

From: What do we know about who does and does not attend general health checks? Findings from a narrative scoping review

# Search Term
1 Health services for the aged
2 (MH “Health Promotion”)
3 (MH “Preventive Health Services”)
4 (MH “Primary Prevention”)
5 “health check”
6 “health examination”
7 “health examinations”
8 (MH “Family Practice”)
9 “general practice”
10 “opportunistic”
11 “health screening”
12 S1 or S2 or S3 or S4 or S5 or S6 or S7 or S8 or S9 or S10 or S11
13 (MH “Health Services Accessibility”)
14 (MH “Patient Acceptance of Health Care”)
15 (MH “Patient Dropouts”)
16 non-respon*
17 (poor attend* or non-attend*)
18 non-engage*
19 non-particip*
20 barrier*
21 (dropout* or drop* out*)
22 hard to reach
23 inverse care law
24 S13 or S14 or S15 or S16 or S17 or S18 or S19 or S20 or S21 or S22 or S23
25 S12 and S24
26 TI cancer or MW cancer or MJ cancer
27 S25 NOT S26
28 S25 NOT S26 (English language)
29 S25 NOT S26 (limited 1980–2010)
  1. (MH exact subject heading, MJ word in major subject heading, MW word in subject heading, TI title).