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Table 1 Inclusion & exclusion criteria

From: What do we know about who does and does not attend general health checks? Findings from a narrative scoping review

Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
Population: Population:
 · Western/developed countries  · Children
 · Hard to reach populations Intervention:
 · High risk groups  · Disease-specific health checks/screening (other than heart disease)
Intervention:  · Geriatric annual health checks
 · General health checks Control:
 · Heart disease health checks  · Studies from the developing world
 · General/Heart AND other disease-specific health check Limits:
 · Studies whose primary outcome was to increase uptake  · Non-English language papers
 · Studies where uptake was documented (of the above interventions)  · Non-empirical opinion papers
Control:  · Papers published pre 1980
 · Control group not necessary  
 · Initial uptake of screening and/or  
 · Long term engagement with services