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Table 1 Focus group topics and questions

From: A qualitative examination of health and health care utilization after the September 11th terror attacks among World Trade Center Health Registry enrollees

Topic Questions
General 9/11 Health · Where do you go when you get sick?
  · Where do you go for information when you have a question or health care concern?
  · When you think about how 9/11 affected your physical health, have there been times when you were not able to get the care you needed?
  · And what about for your mental health needs, have there been times when you were not able to get the care you needed?
  · Do you believe you and others like you have different or greater health care needs than other New Yorkers? In what ways?
  · Has it been easy or difficult to find services to address your 9/11-related health needs?
  · Regardless if you have personally accessed services, what resources are available in the city to help those with 9/11-related health needs?
Treatment Referral Program (TRP) · How familiar are you with the 9/11 Treatment Referral Program?
  · What do you think of this program?
  · Has anyone ever contacted the TRP for a referral for health care services?
  · Has anyone ever received services at the WTC Environmental Health Center?
  · Do you recall receiving any information recently about the Treatment Referral Program?
  · Do you think you are eligible for these services? Why/Why not?
  · And how likely are you to utilize the TRP and utilize the health referral and treatment services available to you? Why?