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Figure 2

From: Implementation and effect of intensified case finding on diagnosis of tuberculosis in a large urban HIV clinic in Uganda: a retrospective cohort study.

Figure 2

Patient flow before and after ICF Implementation. This figure shows the flow of patients in the two periods assessed in this study. 1Pre-ICF, 9 were not investigated (4%): 3 LFU, 1 died, 5 charts missing. Post-ICF, 14 were not investigated (3 LFU, 1 psychotic, 1 LFU to general clinic, 9 missing) and 5 charts were missing. 2Pre-ICF, in 66 no TB was found (31%); 6 diagnoses were missing (3 LFU, 1 died, 2 charts missing). Post-ICF, no TB was found in 185 (49%); 10 diagnoses were missing (4 LFU, 2 died, 1 LFU to general clinic, 3 charts missing). 3Pre-ICF, 8 were not treated for TB (1 LFU, 2 died, 5 missing). Post-ICF, 15 (8%) were not treated for TB (2 LFU, 5 died, 8 charts missing). Note: ICF, intensified case finding; LFU, loss to follow-up; TB, tuberculosis.

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