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Table 1 The “ASUKI Steps study outline and data collection schedule

From: “ASUKI Step” pedometer intervention in university staff: rationale and design

  Recruitment Pre-study Intervention Follow-up
Measure Week Month  
  −4 −1 1 2 3 4 5 6 9
Pedometer steps    daily daily daily daily daily daily  
Questionnairea   x    x    x x
Estimated VO2 max (    x      x x
Weight (kg)    x   x    x x
Height (cm)    x   x    x x
Blood Pressure (mmHg)    x   x    x x
Waist circumference (cm)    x   x    x x
Sagittal diameter (cm)    x   x    x x
Body fat percent    x   x    x x
ActiGraph accelerometer    x   x    x x
  1. a Questionnaire items included demographic data, health status, quality of life, readiness for exercise, self-efficacy for exercise, social support for exercise, stress and anxiety, dog walking, physical activity, sleep, mindfulness, neighborhood supports for physical activity and diet.
  2. b Abbreviations: VO2 max = maximal oxygen uptake in milliliters per kilogram body weight per minute; kg = kilograms; cm = centimeters; mmHG = millimeters of mercury.