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Table 1 Reasons for not meeting inclusion criteria for the Mujer Mas Segura study, n = 487

From: Mujer Mas Segura(Safer Women): a combination prevention intervention to reduce sexual and injection risks among female sex workers who inject drugs

Disqualification reason Total (n%)
Did not share needles/syringes/injection paraphernalia in the past month 62(32%)*
Did not have unprotected sex with clients in the past month 311 (64%)
Did not inject drugs in the past month 293 (60%)
Did not exchange sex for money/drugs/shelter/goods in the past month 219 (45%)
HIV-positive 34 (7%)
Plans to move in the next 18 months 63 (13%)
Age <18 6 (1%)
Started sex work < a month ago 3(0.6%)
  1. Numbers do not add to 100% because women could be disqualified for more than one reason; *among those who injected in the past month (n = 194).