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Table 4 Serotypes detected in Australia from OzFoodNet enhanced data 2001-2009 (n = 504 isolates)

From: Epidemiology of Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli in Australia, 2000-2010

Percentage of isolates with a known serotype Serotypes
Common* (> 1%) O157 (58%), O111 (13.7%), O26 (11.1%), O113 (3.6%), O55 (1.3%), O86 (1.0%)
Uncommon* (< 1%) O2, O5, O28, O49, O77, O88, O103, O112, O124, O128, O130, O153, O145, O166, O172, O174, O178, O141, OR, O123, O165, ONT:H2/H7/H18/H19/H49
  1. Source: OzFoodNet Unpublished Data, 2010