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Table 1 Overview measurements

From: Case-finding of dementia in general practice and effects of subsequent collaborative care; design of a cluster RCT

  Instrument Form T0 – baseline T1 – 6 months T2 – 12 months
Individual with suspected cognitive impairment  
GPs’ MCI or dementia diagnosis 1. GP asked to indicate dementia (and MCI) diagnoses of all study participants on a list    X
2. Extraction dementia (and MCI) diagnoses from medical records   
Reference standard MCI or dementia diagnosis CAMCOG[17] Interview X   X
Quality of life QoL-AD[18] & EQ5D Interview X X X
Mood MH5 (SF36)[19] Interview X   X
Preference regarding diagnostic evaluation of suspected cognitive impairment Added questions Interview and informed consent PN X X X
Informal caregiver  
Quality of life MDS & EQ5D Questionnaire X X X
Psychopathology GHQ12[20] Interview X   X
Sense of competence to provide care SSCQ[21] Interview X X X
Potential effect-modifiers / confounders  
Individual with suspected cognitive impairment  
Sociodemography By proxy Interview X   
Morbidity By proxy Interview X   
Behavioural symptoms NPI[22] Interview X   X
Informal caregiver  
Sociodemography MDS Interview X   
Social support SSL12[23] Questionnaire X   X
Duration and intensity of caring Added Q Interview X
GP / Primary Care Practice  
Age GP Added question Questionnaire    
Sex GP Added question Questionnaire    
Presence of practice nurse for elderly patients Added question Questionnaire    
Attitude to diagnosis and care for individuals with dementia Added questionnaire [24] Questionnaire    
Percentage patients ≥ 65 years - Medical records    
Cluster size - Medical records    
  1. CAMCOG = Cambridge Cognitive Examination, MDS = Minimal Dataset ZonMW, QoL-AD = Quality of Life in Alzheimer’s Disease, EQ5D = EuroQol utility questionnaire; 5 questions, MH5 (SF36) = 5 questions on Mental Health of the Short Form 36 questionnaire, GHQ12 = General Health Questionnaire, SSCQ = Short Sense of Competence Questionnaire, NPI = Neuropsychiatric Inventory, SSL12 = short version of the Social Support List.